Stella A. Boswell

Assistant Dean, Public Interest and Career Development, Office of Public Interest & Pro Bono

Stella Boswell directs the Office of Public Interest and Pro Bono and is an Assistant Dean in the Career and Professional Development Center.  Working with the two offices, she provides career counseling, resources, educational programming, and networking events for students interested in government and public interest summer positions and careers as well as facilitating pro bono and public interest activities and events for students, faculty, and staff. 

Stella joined the staff of the Career and Professional Development Center as a career counselor in 2004 and in 2014 became the Assistant Dean.  Stella works with students pursuing government and public interest positions.  She frequently partners with other counselors as many students have government and public interest as a part of their overall plan but not as their only area of interest. 

Stella joined the Office of Public Interest and Pro Bono in 2016.  The Office promotes values of service and community leadership for all students and the broader Duke Law community.  Through the Pro Bono Program, the Office partners with nonprofit advocacy groups, government entities and private attorneys to provide law related work in a broad array of areas, thus giving law students the opportunity to develop their legal skills while in service to others.  The Office also initiates and supports public interest programming and events, including an annual public interest retreat, a speakers’ series, a public interest and pro bono recognition dinner, and more. 

Stella received her undergraduate degree from Duke University.  Following graduation, she was the Director of Advocacy and Professional Training at the Orange/Durham Coalition for Battered Women where in addition to training volunteers, law enforcement and medical professionals, she served as a court advocate.  She then earned her law degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law before joining a mid-size civil litigation firm in Durham, working on cases from at the trial and appellate level.  When she left her litigation practice in 1999, Stella became the Legal Affairs Counsel for the North Carolina Advocates for Justice; in this role, she ran the amicus curiae program, worked as a lobbyist, and oversaw a statewide high school mock trial program. Stella was a long-time board member and is a Past President of the North Carolina Association of Women Attorneys and is a long-time board member and executive committee member for the NC Legal Education Assistance Foundation, a law school loan repayment organization for public interest attorneys in North Carolina.