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People with HIV/AIDS or cancer face a variety of legal problems related to their illness. The Health Justice Clinic is the only law office in North Carolina devoted exclusively to issues important to people with HIV and cancer, including Social Security and private disability, permanency planning for children of people with serious illnesses, end-of-life planning, insurance, privacy and discrimination.

The Health Justice Clinic has helped many clients gain some financial security and the peace of mind of knowing that their children have been planned for and end-of-life decisions have been made. We have helped clients fight overt discrimination based on HIV. We have empowered people living with serious illnesses and their caregivers by providing education on a statewide basis.

Our clients are among the neediest in North Carolina. All are low income, and many are very ill. They come from many parts of North Carolina including some of the most rural counties in the state. Most face a daunting array of challenges ranging from medical, to financial, to legal.  The Health Justice Clinic works closely with medical clinicians and social workers to help clients access our services. We work closely with the service providers to make sure that we understand and meet our clients' needs. We also know that our clients are facing a potentially life-threatening disease and we make every effort to quickly provide the service needed. The service providers with whom we work have come to rely on the Health Justice Clinic for the legal services it provides.

All services are free and students’ rewards are substantial. They gain valuable practical experience and legal knowledge, while at the same time making important contributions to the community and to their clients. Moreover, they are sensitized to the needs of low income people, people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, women and children, people of color, and people of LGBTQI experience. Many students count their clinic experience as the most educational and meaningful of their law school career.

“The Health Justice Clinic does not provide legal advice over the internet. The information on this web site is not legal advice. Legal advice is dependent upon the specific circumstances of each situation and jurisdiction. The information contained on this web site is not guaranteed to be up to date and cannot replace the advice of competent legal counsel licensed in your state.”

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“Thanks to the Health Justice Clinic, many Cumberland and surrounding county residents receive crucial legal representation for issues that would have otherwise gone unresolved.”

-Fran DeShazo, MSW
HIV Case Management Program Coordinator, Cape Fear Valley Health System