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The Duke Health Justice Clinic is a law school clinic focused on policy research and advocacy on issues of importance to people living with HIV/AIDS and those at risk. Under the supervision of Carolyn McAllaster and Allison Rice, students engage in policy research and advocacy with a primary focus on North Carolina and the US South..

Our Current Policy Projects:

  • Access to Health Care for People Living with HIV in North Carolina

  • Medicaid Reform

  • ADAP

The NC AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a life-saver for the thousands of low income people living with HIV/AIDS in North Carolina. We work closely with advocates, including the North Carolina AIDS Action Network on

  • HIV Confidentiality and Stigma

Sadly, an HIV diagnosis is still stigmatized in the United States, especially in the South. We are focusing on protecting the confidentiality of people's HIV diagnosis in the justice system and in health care facilities, particularly emergency departments. We are providing education to lawyers and medical providers about HIV stigma and sensitizing them to the need to maintain confidentiality of this sensitive information.

  • Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative

With funding from the Ford Foundation, we are coordinating the response of advocates in southern states to the National AIDS Strategy. The Southern HIV/AIDS Strategy Initiative ("SASI") is a broad-based coalition of HIV/AIDS Advocates and their supporters lead by the Duke Health Justice Clinic. SASI is developing research-based policy and strategy recommendations aimed at securing a federal commitment for the next steps in the implementation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy.

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