Publications of International Organizations

The publications of international organizations (treaties, resolutions, decisions of tribunals, periodicals, etc.) document international developments and provide useful resource information.

The websites of organizations such as United Nations and Amnesty International often provide the text of their documents and publications (especially current ones) or information about how to get them.

Many organizations publish yearbooks which are excellent starting points for research. A yearbook, such as the Yearbook of the United Nations, can: describe the activities of an organization for each year; reprint texts of important documents (or give the information you need to find them); and provide an overview of the structure and purpose of the organization.

A good way to find an organization's yearbook in a library catalog is to do a keyword search using the name of organization and the word "yearbook" (e.g. united nations and yearbook).

Research Tip
Annual reports are another good source of information about international organizations. Many organizations, such as the OAS, include recent annual reports on their websites.


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