Travel and Directions to the Facility

Participants must make their own travel arrangements. Students, particularly those from Asian countries, are advised at a very early date to contact the Chinese Embassy about visa requirements. It is likely for most participants that visa regulations for entry into Hong Kong will remain the same as in the past several years. In order to arrive at the Institute at the start of the program, kindly start the visa application process as early as possible. Required documents will be supplied by Ms. Tonya Jacobs and Ms. Monnie Leung.

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Directions to the Program Site

The best way to reach the residential site is by Airport Express (railway). The train is located at the airport and is fast, less expensive than a taxi, and comfortable. Take the Airport Express to Central. From the Central station, take a taxi to University Drive, off Kotewall Road. If the taxi driver needs help, say you want to go to "Daihock Do," which means University Drive. A map will be provided with pre-departure instructions closer to the start of the Institute.

Buses and metered taxis are stationed outside the airport terminal. Taxi fare is shown in Hong Kong dollars on the meter, but an additional charge of HK $30 for crossing the bridge and HK $45 for the harbour tunnel toll will be requested by taxi drivers. For a trip from the airport it is customary to tip the taxi driver 10% of the metered fare. The taxi fare from the airport to the University is approximately HK $400.

"Being a part of the student body at the Asia-America Institute gave me unforgettable and valuable experiences. ... I met new friends from all over the world and we spent time together at various activities such as afternoon seminars and law firm visits. All of the extracurricular activities added to my knowledge of law practice and Hong Kong society. I strongly recommend the Asia-America Institute."

—Samuel Hutabarat, participant from Parahyangan Catholic University, Indonesia