Institute Participants

"In Hong Kong, I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world, visiting the law firms, and eating good food. I have nothing but positive things to say about my time in Asia. Thanks again for the amazing summer experience."

— Lila Zhao, Duke JD


"I really appreciate the opportunity to attend the Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law this summer in Hong Kong and it has definitely been one of my extremely unforgettable study trips! ... The rich and varied extracurricular activities including interesting seminars and visits to prestigious international law firms were beneficial, through which you learn from many distinguished scholars and outstanding associates either in academic fields or substantive areas. What's more, the amazing city Hong Kong doesn't let anybody down. Finally, it is a unique chance to make friends with different cultural backgrounds and I promise it will absolutely be one of the most rewarding experiences for all the participants!"

— Han Chen from China


"Attending the Asia-America Summer Institute is a great and unique experience for every student interested in gaining an international legal education. Classes, taught by professors from both Asian and American countries, allow to enrich your knowledge and to expand your legal thinking, through a constant comparative perspective of different legal systems.

"In addition to courses, the program provides seminars dealing with Hong Kong history and visits to international law firms, giving the chance to meet lawyers coming from all around the globe."

— Paola Bianchi from Italy


"The program was amazing and truly renewed my love of learning. Having classes with international students not only provided diverse perspectives, but also enabled a more engaging dialogue. Additionally, the professors were very generous with their time and knowledge outside of class, and one professor has even invited me to visit her in South Africa!"

— Tara Brennan, Duke JD/LLM