Housing and Other Fees

Activities, Meals and Accommodations Fee - US $2,350 or $2,850
Students will live during the program at a well-located hotel about 20 minutes by public transportation from the University of Geneva Faculty of Law. Institute students may elect to share a double room accommodation with another student or may stay in a single room accommodation by themselves, space permitting. There is also one apartment, with a living room and kitchen, to be shared by 4 students on a "first come first served" basis. All rooms will be supplied with bed linens and towels and will be cleaned regularly by the hotel staff. Breakfast will be provided daily in the hotel.

The student activities, meals, and accommodations fee will be $2,350 for a double (shared) hotel room and $2,850 for a single person accommodation. In addition to the hotel room, this fee will also cover the cost of breakfast each day, lunches on class days at the Law Faculty, seminar refreshments, the welcome and farewell dinners held at Geneva restaurants, and a special boat cruise on Lake Geneva. The fee will also provide a public transportation "pass" to enable students freely to use trams and buses in Geneva. Participants who wish to bring along an accompanying person should make such reservations in consultation with Ms. Tonya Jacobs. No reduction in the student activities, meals, and accommodations fee can be made for participants who elect to leave before the end of the program. Students are expected to live at the hotel unless they meet one or more of the criteria for non-resident status (see below under "Non-Resident's Fee). Such students should consult Ms. Jacobs and submit their requests to live elsewhere in writing along with their applications.

Non-Resident's Fee - U.S. $200
Non-residents will be required to make a payment of U.S. $200. The fee will cover special events, including Institute dinners. The fee will not, however, cover daily breakfasts and class day lunches, nor will it cover the transportation pass. In order to achieve non-resident status, a student must meet at least one of the following criteria:

1) the student is a resident of Geneva;
2) the student has a family member residing in Geneva with whom he/she will live;
3) the student has been working in Geneva prior to the start of the program and already has his/her own apartment;
4) the student is married and will be bringing his/her spouse (or SSSE) to the program.

Tuition Fee - U.S. $4,150
Tuition for the full four-week program is U.S. $4,150; tuition for a two-week period only is U.S. $2,075. Tuition for a single course is U.S. $1,383 for the four-week period and U.S. $692 for a two-week period. (Geneva lawyers may enroll for a single course only; other program participants do not have this option and are required to pay the full tuition regardless of the number of courses taken.)

Registration Fee - U.S. $275
The non-refundable registration fee of U.S. $275 covers the cost of administrative and related expenses, including all transcript fees.

Financial Aid
Duke students should apply for loans through the Financial Aid Office at the Law School. Students at other American law schools should consult the financial aid office at their own school. If a financial consortium agreement is required, financial aid officers are welcome to consult Duke Law School's Financial Aid Office for guidance. Non-American participants are encouraged to apply to foundations and other sources of funding in their home countries for scholarship assistance.

Health Insurance
Students are required to provide their own health insurance. The Institute is not responsible for medical or dental expenses incurred by the students during the operation of the program. Be sure to include health insurance information on the application, if available; otherwise, submit information to Ms. Tonya Jacobs by June 1, 2009.

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