Students will live during the program at a well-located hotel about 15 minutes by public transportation from the University of Geneva Faculty of Law. Institute students may elect to share a double room accommodation with another student or may stay in a single room accommodation by themselves, space permitting. All rooms will be supplied with bed linens and towels and will be cleaned regularly by the hotel staff. Breakfast will be provided daily in the hotel.

"[S]tudying in Geneva by itself made being a participant in the summer course so memorable. The quaintness of the French-speaking city belies its significance in international affairs. Geneva is a lovely city to live, work and study in: most cities would be hard-pressed to match the quality of life of a city framed by the tranquility of Lac Leman and the impressive Jet d'Eau, with the imposing snow-capped peaks of Mont Blanc on the horizon. Geneva's proximity to Paris, Lyon, Chamonix, Milan, and other wonderful cities in neighboring France and Italy, as well as to many cities within Switzerland, allowed many participants to easily embark on exhilarating weekend trips. In sum, the Duke-Geneva Institute in Transnational Law was a truly worthwhile experience."

—Raymond Sandoval, participant from the University of the Philippines