Institute Participants

"Everything was great, from professors to speakers, from seminars to visits, from the website to the last dinner all together and also the information and materials provided. I really esteem Professor Christie, Professor Tigar and Professor Sassoli above all. I think they were superb and their classes really stimulating."

— Jacopo Roberti from Italy


"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience at Geneva! It was a great academic experience and I got to meet very interesting people. I can say for all my classmates that we had a great time."

— Carlos Eduardo Vasconsellos Gómez from Paraguay


"The Duke Geneva Program was a great introduction to U.S.-style teaching. The professors were involved and sensitive to our needs as foreign students. I feel that it was a good opportunity to meet some of my classmates as I am now an LLM at Duke."

— Tania Khosla, Duke LLM, from India