Donald and Judith Horowitz

Celebrating Donald and Judith Horowitz

Lauding the careers and contributions of Professor Donald Horowitz and Associate Dean for International Studies Judy Horowitz on Nov. 11, Dean David F. Levi noted, “There is Don.  And there is Judy.  And then there is ‘Don and Judy.’”

Levi was the first of several speakers from the law and political science faculties to pay tribute to the couple’s individual and joint achievements at a celebratory dinner at Durham’s Parizade Restaurant.  Donald, the James B. Duke Professor of Law and Political Science and a renowned scholar of comparative constitutional design and ethnic conflict in deeply divided societies, and Judy, who has headed Duke Law’s international programs for more than 30 years, will retire from Duke University at the end of the year.  Together they have built Duke’s summer institutes in transnational law, maintaining on-site oversight of Duke’s Asia-America Institute in Transnational Law in Hong Kong for almost 20 years.

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Scholarship honors architect of Duke’s international programs

Alumni and faculty gather to honor Judith HorowitzAlumni from across Japan gathered in Tokyo on March 7 to celebrate Associate Dean Judy Horowitz’s tenure as the head of Duke Law’s international programs. To honor Horowitz’s pivotal role in transforming it into an international institution, Duke Law has created the Judy Horowitz Scholarship Fund. Once fully endowed, it will provide a full scholarship each year to a deserving international scholar and create a permanent tribute to the architect of much of the Law School’s international success.

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"One of the remark­able features of Duke Law School is how international it is, and no one has done more to further its international presence and reputation than Judy Horowitz."

— Dean David F. Levi

"To me and to other students, Judy is the face of the Law School’s internationalization."

— Li Xiaoming ’90

"When I look at the contributions that Professor [Donald] Horowitz has made to our discipline, I’m awed and a bit humbled."

Professor Michael Munger,
former chair of Duke’s Political Science Department

"[Professor Donald Horowitz] taught me so much ─ even about my own country ─ and not just about academic matters, but also about life."

Dian Abdul Hamed Shah LLM ’09

"The level of care and attention [Judy] gives her students is unrivaled, and I think that really defines the kind of student-faculty-school relationship we have here at Duke Law. And I’m very grateful for that."

Dian Abdul Hamed Shah LLM ’09

"[T]here are thousands of students who have had the best year of their life at Duke Law School and have done such things as name their children ‘Duke’ and ‘Judy.’"

Associate Dean Jennifer Maher ’83

"They have brought talented young lawyers here from all over the world and maintained connections with so many of them. They created the [international] institutes and together ran the Hong Kong institute for most of its life, establishing deep ties to the University of Hong Kong and scholars from all over the world."

Dean David F. Levi