Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) Conference

May 2-3, 2013
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel

(near the Reagan National Airport [DCA])



This invitation-only conference builds on Judge John Heyburn’s evaluation of and proposals improving the MDL process and Professor Francis McGovern’s survey of experienced MDL lawyers.  The conference is part of the Duke Conference: Bench-Bar-Academy Distinguished Lawyers’ Series.   The conference continues the ongoing interchange on improvements to the MDL process between the bench and bar.

In addition to Judge John Heyburn and Professor Francis McGovern, other conference panelists include: Judge Anthony Scirica, Judge Jeremy Fogel, Judge Royal Furgeson, Judge Kathryn Vratil, Judge Eldon Fallon, Judge David Proctor, Judge Sandra Moss, Dean David Levi, and Lisa Blue, Elizabeth Cabraser, David Bernick, John Beisner, Dawn Barrios, Sheila Birnbaum, Mark Lanier, Joseph Rice, Malini Moorthy, Richard Arsenault, Christopher Seeger, WG Watkins, and a few more.

The topics for discussion include: (1) assignment of cases to MDL; (2) selection and location of MDL judges; (3) selection of counsel; (4) common benefit fund/attorney fees; (5) remands; and (6) federal-state court coordination.  All invited are expected to participate in the conference's discussions.  We are requesting a credit of 10 CLE hours.

The purposes of our conferences are not only to inform (CLE credit is requested), but also to advance the law.  The conference is invitation-only.  We will have six panel discussions.  Each panelist will introduce a sub-topic with brief remarks (approximately 3-5 minutes) and then engage the other panelists and the conferees in discussion.  We want to avoid talking heads and long monologues and instead facilitate as much interaction as possible with the panelists and conferees.  We are looking for areas of consensus or at least consensus approaches to resolving issues.