Information for Panelists

"The Future of MDL"
May 2-3, 2013

Paper Presenters
We ask that at least one member from each panel write an original 5-10 page discussion paper addressing the panel’s main topic. We will ask that all conference participants read the paper in advance of the conference. We will post the papers on the website. Papers must be submitted no later than April 12, 2013.

Each panelist should introduce a specific question or issue dealing with the panel’s assigned general topic. After briefly addressing the issue, the panelist should engage the other panel members and the conferees in an interactive discussion of the issue. The panel’s moderator is responsible to facilitate discussion between the panel and the conferees. The goal is to develop consensus positions that can guide policy-makers and decision-makers.

"Chatham House" Rule
The conference is held under the Chatham House Rule. Participants may freely use any information mentioned at the conference, but they may not reveal the speaker’s identity or affiliation. The rule is designed to promote free discussion. Speakers may voice their personal opinions without fearing that their personal reputation or their official duties and affiliations may be jeopardized.

CLE Credit
We are requesting a credit of 10 CLE hours.