Protected-Privacy Data Conference

November 29-30, 2012

Umstead Hotel (near Duke Law and the Raleigh/Durham International airport)


The conference addresses a party’s conflicting disclosure and discovery obligations in cross-border litigation involving information that is protected under European Union privacy laws or similar laws of other countries.  The conference will be held at the five-star Umstead Hotel near Duke Law and the Raleigh-Durham airport on November 29-30, 2012.

European Union officials continue to amend their privacy laws to strengthen enforcement.  US companies who ignore EU privacy restrictions now face a realistic risk of severe sanctions, and many are beginning to incur substantial expense in adjusting their record-retention and legal-hold policies to address EU privacy restrictions.  US government officials are working with their EU colleagues to ameliorate the conflicts, often with the assistance of outside private-sector groups.   A few voluntary protocols have been proposed, while a growing number of experienced lawyers and officials are calling for rules amendments or enacting legislation as possible solutions.  There is enormous confusion, increased risks of sanction, and no obvious solutions. 

The Duke Conference on protected data brings together federal judges, in-house counsel, and experienced lawyers to search for and identify real improvements in the law, including potential rule changes, legislation, or international compacts.  All invited are expected to participate in the conference's discussions.

The conference will be limited to approximately 60 participants so that the conference can be as interactive as possible, permitting lawyers to discuss important issues fully and frankly with leading judges in a collaborative environment.  The conference will consist of six panels.  A reception will be held on Thursday evening at Duke Law, with transportation provided from the hotel.  CLE credit will be provided.  The registration fee for individual lawyers is $950.