Best Practices and Guidelines Arising from The Duke Conference:  Bench-Bar-Academy Distinguished Lawyers' Series

The Center for Judicial Studies holds annual bench-bar-academy conferences that identify serious problems in the law, and effect real improvements in laws, rules, and regulations.  The conferences bring together prominent bench leaders, government officials, senior-level lawyers, technical experts, and academics to address emerging legal issues and develop consensus positions that will guide government policy-makers and decision-makers by means of best practices or guidelines.

Other Publications

The Storied Third Branch: Rich Tradition of Honorable Service Seen through Eyes of Judges

On Sept. 1, 2012, the Center launched the inaugural edition of The Storied Third Branch, a repository of short stories about judges, told by judges. As new stories are received, they will be added. State and federal court judges are invited to submit stories directly to

George C. Hanks, Jr., Appendix to Searching From Within:  The Role of Magistrate Judges in Federal Multi-District Litigation


Papers Written by/with Duke Law Faculty