Inequality and the Economic Analysis of Climate Change Schedule

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Inequality and the Economic Analysis of Climate Change
Duke Law School Room 4047, May 27-28, 2015

Presentations will be approximately 20 minutes, followed by Q&A. Supporting material (working papers, powerpoints, etc.) will be available on the conference website. Presenters are listed below in italics (co-authors of underlying papers are noted). For logistical information about the conference, please contact Victoria Zellefrow or Stephanie Lowd at For questions about conference content, please contact Matthew Adler,

Wednesday, May 27

10:30−11:00 Registration

11:00−12:30 Session

David Anthoff (Berkeley): “Inequality and integrated assessment models”

Charles Kolstad (Stanford): “Inequality and the IPCC”

Chair: Richard Newell (Duke)

12:30–1:15 Lunch

1:15−2:45 Session

Valentina Bosetti (Bocconi/Stanford; paper co-authored with Marco Maffezzoli): “The impact of a carbon tax in a heterogeneous agents DSGE model”

Martin Ross and Brian Murray (Duke; paper co-authored with Billy Pizer): “Distributional impacts of the clean power plan”

Chair: Steven Sexton (Duke)

2:45−3:15 Coffee break

3:15−4:45 Session

Matthew Adler (Duke; paper co-authored with Nicolas Treich): “Prioritarianism and climate change”

Nicolas Treich (Toulouse School of Economics: paper co-authored with Matthew Adler): “Consumption, risk and prioritarianism”

Chair: David Anthoff (Berkeley)

4:45−5:00 Coffee break

5:00−5:45 Session

Drew Shindell (Duke): “The social cost of atmospheric release”

Chair: James Hammitt (Harvard)

Thursday, May 28

8:00−8:30 Breakfast available

8:30−10:00 Session

Bryan Cwik and Nancy Tuana (Penn State): “Ethical perspectives and climate change”

Greg Garner and Klaus Keller (Penn State): “Prioritarian tradeoffs in an integrated assessment model”

Chair: James Hammitt (Harvard)

10:00−10:30 Coffee break

10:30–12:00 Session

Billy Pizer (Duke; paper co-authored with Ben Groom and Simon Dietz): “Weighing the costs and benefits of climate change to our children”

Geir Asheim (Oslo; paper co-authored with Stephane Zuber): “Evaluating intergenerational risks: Probability adjusted rank-discounted utilitarianism”

Chair: Matthew Adler (Duke)

12:00−1:00 Lunch

1:00−2:30 Session

Joseph Aldy (Harvard): “Climate reparations or redistribution?”

Alex Pfaff (Duke): “Can REDD help the poor?”

Chair: Jonathan Wiener (Duke)

2:30−3:00 Coffee break

3:00−4:30 Session

Antony Millner (London School of Economics; paper co-authored by Geoff Heal): “Redressing the balance: Strategic consequences of equity motives for climate change”

Rob Lempert (Rand): “Inequality, uncertainty, and urban climate risk management”

Chair: Lori Bennear (Duke)