Data Sources: Surveys and Polls

  • Afrobarometer Africa Public Opinion Research Home Page
    Data on Africans' opinions on democracy, political behavior, and social movements, from a multi-country survey.
  • Annenberg Public Policy Center
    A variety of polls on political communication, information, the media, health, and adolescent risk.
  • Eagleton Poll of New Jersey Residents
    Archival and current data from the Eagleton Poll of New Jersey Residents.
  • East Asia Barometer
    Data from the Asian Barometer Survey, which surveyed citizens of several Eastern Asian countries on attitudes towards politics, power, reform, and democracy in Asia. Users must obtain permission to use raw survey data; to do this, click on "Data Release" on the left hand side of the page and follow the instructions. Users can also use the site's on-line analysis tool (under "survey results" on the left hand side of the page) to analyze data from the survey.
  • Eurobarometer
    Data from the Eurobarometer survey of European residents. Click on the various links on the left hand side of the page to access parts of the survey.
  • Gallup
    Surveys from the Gallup polling organization.
  • Gallup Analytics
    Trial access (until December 2016) to selected Gallup data from the U.S. and worldwide; topics include economic, well-being, and political data since 2005. Limited to 5 simultaneous users.
  • General Social Survey
    Results from the GSS, which covers a variety of attitudes about politics, religion, personal relations, and extends back to 1972.
  • General Social Survey Archival Data
    Archival data from past General Social Surveys.
  • iPoll
    Access to all archival surveys conducted by Ropers. Click on "iPoll" in the middle of the page to log in to access the survey data (Duke only).
  • Joint Center For Political and Economic Studies DataBank
    Data on minorities in America, including survey and poll data.
  • Kaiser Family Foundation Polls
    Data on health, families, and education from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  • Kaiser Health Tracking Poll
    Surveys of public’s opinions, knowledge, and experiences with the U.S. health care system.
  • Latin American Public Opinion Project
    A project of Americabarometer, LAPOP provides access to results from multi-country surveys of how Latin Americans view democratic values and behaviors.
  • Odum Institute Data Archives
    Access to archival data from the Odum Institution at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Data includes public opinion data, vital statistics, and social psychology data.
  • Pew Internet & American Life Project
    The Pew Internet & American Life Project will create and fund original, academic-quality research that explores the impact of the Internet on children, families, communities, the work place, schools, health care and civic/political life.
  • Pew Research Center Survey Reports
    Polls, public opinion research, national surveys on public attitudes about presidential approval ratings, the news media, economy, elections, jobs, other public issues.
  • Polling the Nations
    Access to data from a compilation of more than 14,000 surveys in the United States and 100 other countries from 1986 to the present time.
    An online resource for examining a variety of current polls and surveys.
  • Public Agenda Online
    An online resource for polling data on a variety of subjects, including abortion, crime, gambling, immigration, internet privacy, social security, and welfare.
  • Public Opinion analysis
    Data from the EU's commission on Public Opinion.
  • UC Berkeley's Survey Data Archives
    Archival and current data from a wide variety of surveys.

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