Library Renovation Updates

The Goodson Law Library underwent renovation during the summer and fall of 2012 in order to create new space for eight of Duke Law School’s student-edited journals in the former study carrel area at the back of Level 1. As part of this project, which began in the summer, additional study carrel space were created in the rear of Level 4, and library alcoves on Levels 2 and 3 were updated in order to offer additional collaborative study space throughout the building.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this renovation, and appreciate your patience during this project to improve library facilities.

Completed Renovation Work

Project Description

Affected Area

Dates of Work

Removal of empty shelving units

Level 4;
alcoves on Levels 2 and 3

July 12-13

Removal of study carrels

Level 1

July 23-27

Reassembly of former Level 1 study carrels

Level 4

July 23-30

Replacement of Reading Room chandelier bulbs

Levels 3 & 4

July 24-25

Renovation of Rooms 2216-17

Level 2

July 18 - August 17

Electrical rewiring

Alcoves on Levels 2 and 3

July 23 - August 13

Drilling work in study carrels

Level 2

August 28

Installation of six additional study carrels

Microforms Room,
Level 1

Oct. 8 - 19

Duct and electrical work in journals area
Note: The Microforms Room will be accessible only from the back elevator or staircase during this time. The front elevator and center staircase will not provide access to the west end of Level 1.

Level 1

Begins Oct. 15
(est. 3 - 4 weeks)

Removal of shelving and furniture installation in Reserve Room

Level 3

November 8 - 9

Furniture installation in Room 4200C

Level 4

November 14 - 15

Furniture installation/removal and painting in Room 3207

Level 3

November 15 - 16

Installation of journals area furnishings

Level 1

Nov. 21

Move-in for journals computing equipment and staff

Level 1

Nov. 26-27

Relocation of journals MFD and dedicated LexisNexis and Westlaw printers Level 1 11/28 - 11/30


Please contact Assistant Dean for Library Services Melanie Dunshee with any questions or concerns about the renovation project.