International Law

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I. Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Boleslaw A. Boczek, International Law: A Dictionary (Ref. KZ1161 .B63 2005)
  • Encyclopedia of Public International Law (Ref. & Reserve KZ1160 .E53 & online); the electronic edition, Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, updates the print version but does not yet include all the articles available in print. This highly regarded source contains scholarly articles about various aspects of public international law, making it a good place to begin your research.
  • James R. Fox, Dictionary of International and Comparative Law, 3d ed. (Ref. Desk KZ1161 .F69 2003)
  • International Lawyer’s Deskbook (Lucinda A. Low, et al., eds.), 2d ed. (K559 .I563 2002)

  • Oxford Companion to Law (Ref. K48 .W34) and New Oxford Companion to Law (Ref. K48 .W34 2008 & online)
  • Clive Parry & John P. Grant, The Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law, 3d ed. (Ref. KZ1161 .P37 2009)
  • Jack C. Plano & Roy Olton, International Relations: A Political Dictionary, 5th ed. (Ref. JZ1161.P53 1995)

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II. Research Guides

  • For hands-on practice researching international law, take a look at the Duke University School of Law and University of California, Berkeley, School of Law International Legal Research Tutorial.

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III. Bibliographies & Indexes

  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (Reference Indexes and online)
  • Public International Law: A Current Bibliography of Books and Articles (Ref. K3150 .A12 P82 & online)
  • Charles Szladits, A Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law: Books and Articles in English (1955-1989), continued by Szladits' Bibliography on Foreign and Comparative Law: Books and Articles in English (1990-1998) (Ref. K38 .S95).

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IV. Selected Treatises on International Law

  • Anthony Aust, Handbook of International Law (KZ3410 .A94 2010)
  • David J. Bederman, International Law Frameworks (Concepts and Insights), 3d ed. (KZ3110.B42 A35 2010)
  • J.L. Brierly, Law of Nations: An Introduction to the International Law of Peace, 6th ed. (KZ3225.B75 A33 1963)
  • Ian Brownlie, Principles of Public International Law, 8th ed. (Reserve KZ3225.B76 A37 2012)
  • Thomas Buergenthal & Sean D. Murphy, Public International Law in a Nutshell, 4th ed. (Reserve KZ3110 .B84 A32 2007)
  • Antonio Cassese, International Law, 2d ed. (KZ3395.C25 A35 2005)
  • Wilhelm G. Grewe, The Epochs of International Law (KZ1242.G7413 2000)
  • Mark W. Janis, An Introduction to International Law,  6th ed. (Reserve KZ3140.J36 A35 2012) (formerly An Introduction to International Law)
  • Vaughan Lowe, International Law (KZ1242 .L69 2007)
  • Peter Malanczuk, Akehurst's Modern Introduction to International Law, 7th rev. ed. (Reserve KZ3205 .A44 A3 1997)
  • Manual on International Courts and Tribunals, 2d ed. (Ruth Mackenzie et al., eds.) (KZ6250 .M36 2010)
  • John O'Brien, International Law (KZ3410 .O27 2004)
  • L. Oppenheim, Oppenheim's International Law (Robert Jennings & Arthur Watts, eds.), 9th ed. (KZ3264.A3 I58 1992)
  • Routledge Handbook of International Law (David Armstrong, ed.) (KZ1250 .R68 2009)
  • Malcolm Shaw, International Law, 6th ed. (KZ3275.S53 A32 2008)
  • I. A. Shearer, Starke's International Law, 11th ed. (KZ3295.S73 A321 1994)
  • William R. Slomanson, Fundamental Perspectives on International Law, 5th ed. (KZ3180.S56 A32 2007)
  • Gerhard von Glahn & James L. Taulbee, Law Among Nations: An Introduction to Public International Law, 9th ed. (KZ3185 .V6 2010)
  • James H. Wolfe, Modern International Law: An Introduction to the Law of Nations (KZ3195.W65 A36 2002)

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V. International Law Online

American Society of International Law: Electronic Resources includes the ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law (online and Ref. KZ1235.A85 2002), and the Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL), which is a database of links to international law resources (including the texts of primary sources and research guides). ASIL also puts out the International Judicial Monitor (IJM), published with the International Judicial Academy.

The "Current Awareness" section of the Goodson Law Library Comparative & International Resources page includes links to a variety of blogs and newsletters, such as Opinio Juris, a blog dedicated to commentary, debate and scholarship on current developments in international law and politics.

Oxford Reports on International Law provides case law from more than 65 jurisdictions (from 2000-) in the original language and English translation.

United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law includes historic documents, photos, and digital film footage relating to the UN role in the development of international law, videos of lectures by international law scholars and links to other web-based research resources in international law, including other UN sources.

Selected classic treatises on international law (such as works by Grotius, Vattel, and Pufendorf) are available in the Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926 (search by author, title or "International Law" as a subject) and HeinOnline: Legal Classics Library.

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