2023 International Food Fest

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When: Tuesday, October 10 
Where: Star Commons
Time: Starting at 5:30 p.m. 

Registration for cooks is now open! Registration closes at 5:00 pm on Thursday, October 5. 

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Cooks are welcome to wear traditional garments or decorate their tables with items from their countries if they wish.

We invite all students, faculty, and staff to participate in Food Fest by preparing a dish—alone or as part of a team—that speaks to one’s international identity or background. And to make sure all of our international community members can participate, the Office of Student Affairs has graciously offered to reimburse each entry for the groceries they use in preparing the dishes, up to $125.

2023 Categories

  • Best Comfort Food
  • Best Dessert
  • Best Spicy Dish
  • Best Vegetarian Dish
  • Most Kid-Friendly Dish
  • Most Representative of Your Country or Culture 
  • Best Transcontinental Collaboration (LLM and JD students)

Event Rules

  • Choose a category and submit a dish. You may also compete in more than one category by submitting a separate dish for each category.
  • You may compete in teams. Whether prepared by one cook or a team, each dish should feed at least 30 people per cook.
  • Participants should arrive and set up beginning at 5 p.m. The Fest begins at 5:30 p.m. and judging will begin promptly.
  • Tables will be provided for participants to display their dishes.
  • NO facilities will be provided to cook, heat, or otherwise prepare dishes. Please bring dishes fully-prepared and ready to display.
  • You may bring a crock pot, warmer, etc. to keep your dish warm. You may request a table near an electrical outlet when registering, but please bring your own extension cord.
  • Plates, tableware, and napkins will be provided to serve attendees. Please bring your own utensils, platters, etc. to serve your dishes.
  • Winners will be announced at the event.
  • Alcohol is not allowed at the Food Fest

Food Safety Guidelines

  • One participant must remain with his or her dish to serve food to Fest attendees at all times; Fest attendees may not serve themselves.
  • Participants must wear serving gloves (provided by OIS) when serving food.
  • Participants must wash their hands prior to beginning or resuming food service.
  • Attendees must use disposable utensils (provided by OIS).
  • Attendees are encouraged to use hand sanitizer at each station (provided by OIS).

Contact Leslie Allen in the Office of International Studies (OIS) at, if you have any questions about the Food Fest. For additional information about safe preparation and handling of food, refer to this website through the U.S. Department of Agriculture.