Student Travel

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For reimbursements, fill out the Reimbursement Form, attach original receipts, and submit to Kate Cobb in Room 2007.
Reimbursements can not be given without original receipts

Dining Expenses

- If your student organization allows for reimbursement of meals, allowances
are $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $20 for dinner. * Students may not
combine meal allowances if they skip a meal (i.e. your allowance for dinner
does not become $35 if you skip lunch).

- Itemized receipts of each meal for which you request reimbursement on
should be turned in with reimbursement paperwork. *Alcohol purchases are
reimbursable on student organization trips.

- If a meal receipt is for more than one person, the names and relationship of
those people to Duke Law should be listed on the reimbursement paperwork.

Airplane Travel

- Keep boarding passes! These passes are proof that you were on the flight and
must be turned in with your receipts.
- If you paid for your own flight please submit the receipt given at the ticket
counter or the electronic confirmation print out of your flight cost.


- Only the room rate and taxes are covered on student trips. After the room cost
and taxes, you are responsible for all other expenses incurred on the room (i.e.
long distance calls, mini bar, movies, etc).
- Upon checking out of the hotel ask for an itemized copy of your hotel
expenses and turn this in with all other receipts.
- Even if your hotel bill was put on the Student Affairs credit card, you are
for bringing back a copy of the hotel charges to turn into the
Office of Student Affairs.

Car Travel

- When renting a car for out of town travel, submit the itemized receipt from the
rental car company detailing all rental car information. *This applies even if
the charges were on a Student Affairs credit card.

- When driving your personal car for an out of town event, please list the total
mileage incurred for driving to and from the event. (i.e. a MapQuest printout with mileage is sufficient.)