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The Practicum is the centerpiece of the Law and Entrepreneurship Program. The goal is to expose students to a wide range of entrepreneurial issues in real life.

During the spring semester, students become immersed in a business based on their interests. By working in startup companies, venture capital firms, regulatory agencies, law firms with entrepreneurial practices, and similar organizations, students better understand the practical context of legal advice, strategy, and problem solving.

The Practicum goes beyond general coursework to provide specific, useful skills and information.  It allows students to address the intersection of legal principles and practical business applications, in the context of entrepreneurship and emerging companies.  Each student joins a legal or leadership team, under the supervision of a mentor who is committed to guiding his or her professional development through the course of the practicum. 

Through the Practicum, the students are able to be highly competent legal practitioners, savvy business people, effective problem solvers and are skilled in transforming ideas.


One of my goals for the practicum was to work with a company that is in what I think of as the ‘exit stage’ of the entrepreneurial process.  It’s equally important for a public company to continue the innovation and growth process as it is for a young startup seeking venture capital funding. I picked a smaller company that grew rapidly and went public right before my practicum.  At this stage, the legal issues can become more complex and one must adapt to an entirely new set of responsibilities.

Brandon Bartee LLMLE '11
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