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"The LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship was by far the best thing I've ever done for my career. Obviously, I learned a lot in class, but that isn't even a fourth of what is so great about the program. The number of meaningful connections in my network increased exponentionally from all the networking opportunities that existed for us. I also had several great practical experiences that were direct results of the LLM program: I worked with an uber-promising startup that face-planted pretty quick. That was a great learning experience. I also helped form a startup that has since taken off, and I still participate on their board of directors. I learned, and continue to learn, boatloads from my participation in that company. And the practicum was simply phenomenal and continues to pay enormous dividends to this day, both from the connections made and the experience gained there. Simply put, my two semesters in the LLMLE program were worth every penny."

— Dan Roberts LLMLE '12

JD/LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship

Duke Law students may pursue a dual degree in law and entrepreneurship in three years. Students in the JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship program commence their studies in the summer, undertaking part of the regular first-year curriculum with other dual-degree students.

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LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs and innovators do things differently; this program will help you develop the specialized legal knowledge and professional skills you need in order to counsel leaders in the innovation economy. By fusing law and business, Duke's Law and Entrepreneurship Program builds knowledge in areas that are crucial to entrepreneurial ventures and instills a deep understanding of what it means to create and run a business. You'll learn how business people approach business problems - adding value to both your skill set and your résumé.

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Application Information

We will begin accepting applications for the Class of 2015 in October 2013. The priority deadline for 2014 enrollment is April 15, 2014; however, applications may be submitted after this date.


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