Our Students

Here are just a few of the talented students who have participated in the LLMLE program at Duke.

  • John Fallone LLMLE '17
    Fallone LLMLE '17 creates new firm specializing in startups

    After selling his startup, Fallone now focuses on transactional law for startups and small businesses in North Carolina and California.

  • Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15
    Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15

    Mike McCollum, LLMLE ’15, discusses how the program is much more than just a fourth year of law school.

  • Nicole Simpson LLMLE '15
    Learning to navigate the world of entrepreneurship: Students hope LLMLE program helps launch their careers

    Law and Entrepreneurship students reflect on their first semester in the program.

  • Andrew Walton LLMLE '14
    Andrew Walton LLMLE '14

    Speaking on behalf of the Class of 2014 LLMLE graduates, Walton listed ways in which their year at Duke added value to their degrees beyond the skills learned in class and through practicum placements.

  • Ben Winokur LLMLE ’14
    Ben Winokur LLMLE ’14

    Meet Ben Winokur: After trying his hand as an entrepreneur both in college and after law school, Winokur decided to sharpen his skills at Duke.

  • Eb Bernazard
    Eb Bernazard LLMLE ‘13

    Bernazard talks about what brought him to Duke's LLMLE program.

  • Vinny Asaro LLMLE'12
    Vinny Asaro LLMLE'12

    Vinny discusses how his LLMLE and practicum experiences led him to a position in a venture capital firm.

  • Elizabeth Youngkin LLMLE'12
    Elizabeth Youngkin, LLMLE’12

    With a B.S. in Neuroscience, Elizabeth came to Duke Law to obtain an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship so she could work for a start-up company.

  • Brandon Bartee LLMLE'11
    Brandon Bartee LLMLE'11

    Brandon discusses his experiences in the LLMLE program and his spring semester practicum with SciQuest, a startup web company in North Carolina's Research Triangle.

  • Colin Kirby LLMLE'11
    Colin Kirby LLMLE'11

    A 2010 graduate of the University of Notre Dame Law School and New York City native, Colin holds a BA in political science from the University of California (Santa Barbara).

  • Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10
    Ilyse Fishman LLMLE '10

    A 2010 graduate of the Duke University School of Law from Boca Raton, FL. Ilyse holds a BA in political science, a BA in History and a MA in history all from Emory University.