Coleman analyzes controversial new rules governing testosterone levels in athletes

On April 26, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) released new rules for female athletes with high natural testosterone levels. Professor Doriane Lambelet Coleman, an expert in sports law, wrote about the rules for the New York Times, saying that the IAAF’s requirement that affected athletes lower testosterone levels to the female range if they want to compete in the women’s category “simply adopts the standard of care in transition medicine, which is very much embraced by those who seek to match their bodies to their gender identity.”

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Professor Doriane Coleman

About Doriane Lambelet Coleman

Professor Coleman specializes in teaching and scholarship related to culture, women, children, medicine, and law.  An expert in anti-doping rules, Coleman has also practiced, taught, and written about sports law, with a focus on the Olympic Movement and eligibility issues.  Her current work focuses on the differences between biological sex and gender identity and the implications of those differences for institutions ranging from elite sport to education and medicine.

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