Shedding light on a high-stakes investigation

As new facts emerged about Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia and the Trump presidential campaign, and new details came out about contacts between campaign officials and Russians with possible Kremlin links, Duke Law professors Samuel Buell and Lisa Kern Griffin have shed light on the complex and fast-moving situation.

Professors Sam Buell and Lisa Kern Griffin

About Samuel Buell and Lisa Kern Griffin

Former federal prosecutors Samuel Buell and Lisa Kern Griffin bring extensive criminal law experience to bear on their scholarly research interests. Buell, a former lead prosecutor for the Enron Task Force, has written and researched white collar crime, including in his 2016 book, Capital Offenses. Griffin’s most recent work examines the relationship between constructing narratives and achieving factual accuracy in the courtroom, the criminalization of dishonesty in legal institutions and the political process, and the impact of popular culture on the criminal justice system.

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