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“Making a Murderer” shows need for greater procedural integrity in criminal justice

“As listeners and viewers consume these stories, they are reminded of the humanity of the individuals involved — and they learn to see the defendants as more than abstractions. That knowledge should lead people to understand that resolution and justice are not the same thing. And whether or not the truth of these crimes ever comes out, shows, podcasts and narrative articles can make the public aware of distortions that occur in the legal process.”

– Lisa Kern Griffin, The New York Times: ‘Making a Murderer’ Is About Justice, Not Truth

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Professor Lisa Kern Griffin

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Griffin’s scholarship and teaching focus on evidence, constitutional criminal procedure, and federal criminal justice policy. Her recent work concerns the status and significance of silence in criminal investigations, the relationship between constructing narratives and achieving factual accuracy in the courtroom, and the criminalization of dishonesty in legal institutions and the political process.

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