Terrorism funding concerns impacts work of charities, hurts those in need

At a time of historic humanitarian need, banks are increasingly hesitant to conduct business with charities that work in disaster zones for fear that they could be caught up in funding international terrorism. “Women’s rights and their defenders are really often caught in the crosshairs of these very risk-averse banks and overzealous regulatory authorities.”

- Prof. Jayne Huckerby, Washington Post, “Scrutiny over terrorism funding hampers charitable work in ravaged countries”

Prof. Jayne Huckerby

About Jayne Huckerby

Huckerby is an associate clinical professor of law and inaugural director of the Duke International Human Rights Clinic. Her teaching, research, and advocacy are in the areas of gender and human rights, constitution-making, national security, human trafficking, transitional justice, and human rights in U.S. foreign policy.

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