"Confronting Terrorism Here and Abroad: Which Way Forward"

April 4, 2007Duke Law News

Thomas Center and Geneen Auditorium
Fuqua School of Business

A major conference at Duke on April 12-13 will explore many of the legal and policy issues involved in confronting terrorism. “Confronting Terrorism Here and Abroad: Which Way Forward” is sponsored by the Center on Law, Ethic and National Security (LENS), the Center for International and Comparative Law, and the Program in Public Law at Duke Law School. It will be held at the Thomas Center and Geneen Auditorium in the Fuqua School of Business on Duke’s West Campus. All sessions are open to the public.

The conference will bring together experts from the top levels of the military, diplomatic, intelligence, legal, and academic communities in a series of round-table discussions on such topics as options for U.S. strategy and policy in the Middle East; domestic spying; probing the limits of interrogating alleged terrorists; and the detention and trial of alleged terrorists. All promise to inform the debate on sensitive issues regarding national security and terrorism, says Professor of the Practice of Law Scott Silliman, executive director of LENS and a principal organizer of the conference.

“Although the armed forces remain engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, that is clearly not the only ‘front’ in the war on terrorism,” says Silliman. “The threat of further attacks in the U.S. and abroad has prompted a very public debate about how best to thwart those who want to do us harm. We’ll be addressing specific issues in this debate, taking into account domestic and international law and policy.”

Registration is free for all panel discussions and sessions held in the Geneen Auditorium. Keynote speeches will take place over meals at the Thomas Center for which there is a charge – $25.00 for each luncheon and $45.00 for the Thursday evening reception and dinner, with a reduced rate for full-time students. The conference schedule and registration information can be found at http://www.law.duke.edu/lens/conferences/2007/.
For more information contact Frances Presma at (919) 613-7248 or presma@law.duke.edu.

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