Student Affairs hosts kick-ball fundraiser

April 18, 2007Duke Law News

An epic 9-inning battle ended in a 33-33 tie when the Duke Law Office of Student Affairs hosted its annual kick-ball game to benefit the Public Interest Law Foundation. 2L Kathleen Ferguson won the right to hold the game during the Public Interest Law Foundation Auction and Gala held in February. As part of her prize, Kathleen was able to choose the jerseys (hot pink no less) and the members of the teams. Those that participated in the game were Associate Dean Jill Miller, Student Affairs Coordinator Jill Danforth, Director of Student Activities John Spencer, 2L Kathleen Ferguson, 2L Jeff Adams, 2L Sarah Hawkins, 2L Serena Stein, 2L Ranjan Emani, 3L Scott Thompson, 2L Eric Schattl, 2L Patrick Wooten, 2L Chris Whitt, 2L Reed Watson and 2L Dan Simon. Mrs. Thompson (Scott's mom) was our special guest.
Teams "Kick" and "Ball" pose after the offensive leg battle