Scholarship Roundtable: "Opting Out of Customary International Law"

January 15, 2010Duke Law News

"Opting Out of Customary International Law"
Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010
All Day

This roundtable focuses on the ability of nations to opt out of, or withdraw from, a rule of customary international law. Participants consider the theoretical justifications for this conventional wisdom, whether it is descriptively and historically correct, and whether it is normatively desirable.

David Bederman (Emory University)
Curt Bradley (Duke University)
Rachel Brewster (Harvard University)
Brad Clark (George Washington University)
Samuel Estreicher (New York University)
Mitu Gulati (Duke University)
Larry Helfer (Duke University)
Eugene Kontorovich (Northwestern University)
John McGinnis (Northwestern University)
Christiana Ochoa (University of Indiana, Bloomington)
Francesco Parisi (University of Minnesota)
Andreas Paulus (Institute of International and European Law, University of Gottingen)
Amanda Perreau-Saussine (Cambridge University)
Anthea Roberts (London School of Economics)
Paul Stephan (University of Virginia)
Ed Swaine (George Washington University)
Joel Trachtman (Tufts University)

Other News
  • Stuart Feiner ’74

    Even though he stayed with a single employer for 30 years, Stuart Feiner has enjoyed a career of remarkable diversity.

  • Lisa Kern Griffin

    Professor Lisa Kern Griffin drafted an amicus brief in support of a petition for writ of certiorari filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado, a case involving the permissibility of evidence of racial bias in jury deliberations. The Court granted certiorari on April 4, and the case will be argued in the Court’s next term.