PUBLISHED:October 06, 2016

5 Questions for Nelly Wambui LLM '17

Nelly Wambui LLM '17

Wambui, an LLM candidate from Kenya, chose Duke Law because of its international acclaim and reputation for having some of the best law professors in the United States.


1. Where is home?  What is it famous for?

I am from Kenya. A country known for its amazing wildlife and therefore unforgettable safaris, and for producing some of the best long- distance runners in the world.

2. Why did you choose Duke Law School?

I chose to come to Duke because Duke Law School is a highly ranked, internationally acclaimed school. I was excited about studying at a school known for having some of the best law professors in the United States. I was also attracted to Duke by the fact that while being committed to academic excellence, it embraces a friendlier, more collegial culture than many other schools. I had made several other applications at the time and the application to Duke stood out because of the genuine concern for me shown by the staff at Duke Law School. They made me feel like they cared about my well-being and so far, my experience at Duke with the staff and faculty has been true to this initial impression.

3. What do you like most about Duke so far?

My favourite thing about Duke so far has to be my classmates in the LLM. They are drawn from about 40 countries in the world. Studying with and getting to know the people in my class is not only a delight but also an enriching experience. I have the privilege of knowing people from different cultures who are in many ways different from me and in many others very much like me. I get to know them whilst at Duke and when we are done, I get to have friends in all these amazing parts of the world that will be obligated to show me around if I am ever in their part of the world.

4. What is your plan after graduation? How do you think the LLM will help with your pursuit of a doctoral degree?

I am thinking about pursuing a doctoral degree after completing the LLM. Being at a top University whilst planning for further studies is an incredible opportunity. I not only have the opportunity to explore areas of interest in the wide variety of classes offered at the Law School, I can also draw on the knowledge and experience of faculty. Professors at Duke are more than willing to offer guidance in this and I have had some very helpful conversations about my plans so far. Because of the international reputation of excellence that Duke has, it will certainly be helpful to my applications that I have done the Duke LLM.

5. What advice would you give to international students hoping to study in the U.S.?

I would encourage them to go for it. It is a great opportunity to not only to learn American law but also meet and network with American lawyers and lawyers from other parts of the world, something that can be very useful in the legal profession. I also think that being exposed to a different legal system expands one’s thinking about the law thereby placing one at an advantage in coming up with legal solutions in a globalized world.