PUBLISHED:September 10, 2012

5 Questions for Nita Farahany

Nita Farahany

Nita A. Farahany, a scholar at the intersection of law, biosciences, and philosophy, recently joined the Duke Law faculty. She is a Duke Law graduate who also received her MA and PhD in philosophy from Duke University.

1. Quick bio (hometown, education, etc.):

Charlotte, NC; Dartmouth College (AB), Harvard University (ALM), Duke University (MA, JD, Ph.D)

2. What is your favorite law school memory?

On the first day of class, I asked, "What do the numbers and letters at the top of the page mean?" The professor's answer was, "That, Ms. Farahany (emphasis added), you could have answered by reading the syllabus before class." It was at that moment I realized law school was a whole new ballgame! Alas, while the professor was hard on us, it was the best introduction to law school I could have had.

3. What are your interests or passions outside of teaching?

I love science fiction! 

4. What is your favorite Durham restaurant or activity and why?

I'm looking forward to figuring this out! Durham is a brand new city from when I was here. But one thing I'm definitely excited to check out are all the modern-designed homes in the area. It turns out that Durham has one of the highest concentrations of modern homes in the country!

5. Tell us something that might surprise your colleagues and students.

I'm a scotch aficionado.