5 Questions for Zachary Kleiman '13

September 10, 2012Duke Law News

Zachary Kleiman '13

Zachary chose Duke Law for opportunities featured at the intersection of sports and the law. You could say he’s just a little passionate about the subject.


1. Quick bio: Where is your hometown?

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, where I went to as many Chicago Cubs games at Wrigley Field as possible.  For college, I moved west and studied Psychology and Business Law at the University of Southern California.  

2. Why did you choose Duke Law?

I chose to attend Duke Law in large part because of the opportunities it features at the intersection of sports and the law. Professor Paul Haagen went out of his way to detail the many sports-related offerings at the school, including his Sports Law class, the Center for Sports Law and Policy, and the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. I have also come to appreciate Duke Law's flexible course offerings. For example, last semester I was able to create (with the help of Professor Haagen and my colleagues) an Ad Hoc class entitled Collective Bargaining in the Context of Professional Sports

3. Name one TV show you never miss

One show I never miss is The League, on FX. The often-improvised comedy follows the misadventures of the members of a fictional fantasy football league. As someone who spends plenty of time researching for and tinkering with my fantasy teams, it is easy to identify with the show. I also never miss Breaking Bad, Community, and Parks and Rec.  

4. What is your favorite Durham restaurant or activity, and why?

I can actually combine this question, as my favorite Durham restaurant features my favorite Durham activity. On Sundays during the fall, you will surely find me watching NFL games at Tobacco Road. My friends and I generally show up about 45 minutes before kickoff, to ensure that we get the reclining chairs with personal TVs. The buffalo chicken egg rolls are my favorite item on the menu. Also, the outdoor patio at Tobacco Road is great when the Durham Bulls are playing. 

5. Tell us something about yourself that otherwise we wouldn't know or guess. 

There is no possible way you could have figured this out based on my answers thus far, but I kind of like sports...

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