Nov 16 - Prof. Lawrence Rosen of Princeton Anthropology & Columbia Law to give Global Law Workshop talk

November 13, 2007Duke Law News

Defending Culture: The Cultural Defense Plea & the Law's Concept of Culture

Friday, November 16, 3 - 4:30 pm - Room 4045

Lawrence Rosen is both an anthropologist and a lawyer. He is the William Nelson Cromwell Professor of Anthropology at Princeton and Adjunct Professor of Law at Columbia Law School. As an anthropologist he works mostly in the Arab world, writing on Islamic law and the structure of social life; as a lawyer he works on family law and the rights of indigenous peoples. He has been a MacArthur Fellow (1981), Guggenheim Fellow, Visiting Fellow at Oxford and Cambridge and a visiting professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, Northwestern, Georgetown, and the American Bar Foundation. Among his books are Varieties of Muslim Experience, The Justice of Islam, The Anthropology of Justice, and Law As Culture.

Open to the Duke Community but if you are planning to attend, please email to let us know.

Other News
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    After majoring in biology at Wake Forest University, Susan Akers broke new ground for Duke Law students by pairing her JD studies with the pursuit of a graduate degree in environmental management from the Duke School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (now called the Nicholas School of the Environment).

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