PUBLISHED:October 08, 2015

Between the Public and Private Sectors: Contemporary State-Owned Enterprises Roundtable

Friday, December 4-5
Room 3000
Duke Law School

Many different terms – not just state capitalism, but also state-led growth, industrial policy, state entrepreneurship, new developmentalism, and others – have been used to describe the ways that governments attempt to control an economy’s commanding heights, back national champions, provide public goods, capture innovations, alter comparative advantage, and compete with other countries.  Within state capitalism, state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are particularly important.  Such enterprises attract much attention today in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China. But they also exist, sometimes in less obvious forms, in the U.S. and other long-industrialized countries.  This roundtable convenes experts from various disciplines and backgrounds to discuss key questions, such as: What is old and what is new in the logic or practice of state-owned enterprises?  Within SOEs, what conflicts exist between private interests and the good of the public?  How do enterprises’ global strategies vary with the degree of state-ownership?  What tensions exist among the domestic and foreign policy goals that SOEs are intended to address – and do these tensions change as SOEs internationalize?

For more information, please contact Ali Prince.  Seating is limited, so please RSVP to Ali Prince no later then Thursday, November 29.

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