PUBLISHED:May 02, 2013

Celebrating the Class of 2013

Members of the graduating class have published scholarship that illuminate and examine such issues as the Greek sovereign debt crisis, unintended consequences in the legal system, and culture-based theories of decision-making, among many others.

They have organized scholarly conferences and symposia addressing such matters as legal approaches to America’s obesity problem, a happiness-based approach to cost-benefit analysis, and perspectives on migration, governance, and citizenship.  They have edited and produced volumes of legal scholarship.  They have arranged and attended countless lunchtime speakers, debates, and presentations. 

They have engaged in international study and problem solving, undertaking class and field work on such matters as housing rights in East Jerusalem, spousal intestate succession and property rights in Ghana, free speech and the media in a developing democracy, and property rights and women’s rights in Haiti.  They have observed military commission proceedings at Guantanamo Bay.

The following are stories about and profiles of members of the Class of 2013: