PUBLISHED:March 15, 2010

Change to printing in the law library

Students can print either with eprint or with our Novell iprint software. We will watch how both systems function and may make additional changes if necessary.

The "A" printers (found near the front stairs on all floors except 3) will continue to use eprint ONLY. The "B" printers will be available to iprint users ONLY. The printer outside the Registrar's Office will experimentally be available to both systems.

Eprint printers will continue to work for all those who already have eprint installed. However, we recommend that eprint users download and install a new eprint driver, called "eprint-law," available on Duke Law's software download page, which should improve the stability of that system (although 64-bit and Windows 7 compatibility issues still pertain for some of you).

To access the "B" printers, you must download the iprint driver. Please come to the help desk for assistance with setting up iprint. Self-installation instructions will be available on the page linked below on Wednesday of this week. Note that this software is available for all versions of MacOS, Windows (including 64-bit and Windows 7) and Linux. Iprint is different than eprint in that there is no "release station." You must configure your computer for the exact printer to which you want to print, as your print job goes immediately to that printer. You can download in advance the configurations for all our printers, and you can save your lawid and password so you only need to enter them the first time you print.

We've created a new Student Printing web page that gives the status of all library printers and that provides links to the software for both eprint and iprint:

If you have any questions about printing, please come by the help desk during our regular hours. You can also reach the help desk via phone (613-7072) and email (