Cheng-Yun Tsang

October 11, 2011Duke Law News

S. J.D. Candidate ‘14

CV for Cheng-Yun Tsang

Dissertation Project
The topic of my Dissertation is “Constructing Collaborative Market Discipline in the Post-Crisis Chinese Banking System”, in which an innovative approach of collaborative market discipline is proposed and further applied to the Chinese financial market. Issues surrounding the regulation of Chinese shadow banking system, promotion of financial stability in the Greater China area and the role of market mechanisms in reviving market discipline are explored in the analysis of my dissertation.

Fields of Academic Interest
My primary research focuses on the regulation of megabanks and the use of market discipline mechanisms to enhance prudence, safety and soundness, and financial stability in the financial system, with a particular emphasis on the Greater China Area. Other research interests include global financial integration, macro-prudential policy, banks governance, and effective resolution regimes for financial institutions.

Doctoral Committee
Lawrence G. Baxter (Supervisor)
Prof. James D. Cox (Reader)
Prof. Steven L. Schwarcz (Reader)

LL.M, Duke University School of Law, 2011
M.B.A in Business Administration, National Taiwan University, 2007
LL.B, National Chengchi University, 2005
B.A in Diplomacy, National Chengchi University, 2005

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