PUBLISHED:June 02, 2014

Classmates, editors, honor Katbi ’13 with posthumous publication of note in Alaska Law Review

The latest issue of the Alaska Law Review includes Andrew Katbi’s note, “Crossing the Line: An Analysis of Problems with Classifying Recidivist Misdemeanor Offenses as Felonies.” Katbi ’13, who served on the editorial board as a 3L, died in a car accident in March 2013, after completing a draft of the note and, in fact, all of the requirements to receive his JD. Three of his classmates, Graham Cronogue, Matt Triplett, and Adam Faiella, brought the piece to the editors’ attention and prepared it for publication.

In a footnote to the article, the editors offered this tribute: “This Note is published in loving memory of Andrew, a committed friend, dedicated student, passionate athlete, and thoughtful advocate who made better the life of every person he touched. In the pages of this journal, in the halls of our school, and in each chapter of our own lives and practices we honor his contributions and cherish his legacy.”