PUBLISHED:August 29, 2022

Duke Law Podcast | What is critical race theory and why is it under attack?


This special two-part episode of the Duke Law Podcast examines the origins of critical race theory and the reasons why it has recently come under attack.


What is critical race theory and why has this decades old academic concept recently come under attack in the halls of Congress and local school board meetings?

Three professors working in race and the law provide answers in this special two-part series of the Duke Law Podcast:

  • Trina Jones, the Jerome M. Culp Professor of Law at Duke Law School
  • H. Timothy Lovelace, the John Hope Franklin Research Scholar and Professor Law at Duke Law School
  • Osamudia James, a Professor Law at the UNC School of Law

In Part 1, they provide an accurate definition of CRT and look back at when and why it began. We will also explore the contemporary attacks on CRT and the battlegrounds where these attacks are happening.

Be sure to listen to Part 2, where our guest speakers will examine how CRT can used as a tool to better understand today's legal practices and policies, from policing, voting rights, and mass incarceration to social justice movement, the rule of law, and even the confirmation hearing of now-Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.


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