Publicity Guidelines

Below is a list of options for publicizing your events within the Law School, as well as to Duke Law Alumni. Included with each option are the guidelines and instructions for how to utilize them.

Calendar and Duke Law Daily

Once you have received approval for the date, time, and location of your event (gained by submitting either the special event request form, meeting request form — for students, or by requesting a meeting space through Outlook for faculty and staff), your events can be added to the calendar by entering your event details into the event manager questionnaire. Within this form, there is a section to provide a description of your event as well as any associated URL. Once the event manager questionnaire has been submitted, the information you provided will be entered into the calendar. Calendar items are automatically added to the Duke Law Daily and appear as upcoming events two days before the event, as well as on the day of the event. The Daily is sent every morning classes are in session to all Law School students, faculty, and staff. To make edits, or to change or add information to calendar entries email the events office at


Templates intended for the creation of fliers and posters are available on the Event Planning website. Fliers and posters may be displayed in accordance with the following specifications in the designated areas within the building:

Event “Day Board”

The large bulletin board outside the Registrar’s Office on the second floor serves as a “Day Board,” divided into sections by day of the week. Event posters or fliers, no larger than 12 x 18 inches, may be displayed on the board one week in advance of an event. Only one poster or flier for each event may be displayed, and posters must be hung in a symmetrical, organized fashion. The Events Office will clear each day’s posters and fliers at the end of that day, freeing the space to promote the events that will occur in the following week.

Other Bulletin Boards

Small bulletin boards are available inside the second and third floor restrooms and above student mail folders. Fliers no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches may be displayed on these boards; no more than one flier for an event may be displayed per board, and fliers may not overlap. The Events Office will maintain the boards and remove any fliers that violate policy and/or are out of date.

Plasma Screens

The Law School will have three plasma screens available for promotional purposes, located outside Café de Novo, outside the Star Commons, and in Third Floor Loggia. Event posters may be submitted for rotation on the plasma screens. Posters should be 500 pixels wide by 750 pixels high and saved as a jpg file (posters should be created at a 2:3 ratio; the equivalent of a 24 x 36 inch poster). These files may be sent to

Portal Pages

Thumbnail versions of posters and fliers can also be submitted for display on the portal pages for students, faculty, and staff. Submitters can specify whether the thumbnail image of the flier should link to a printable PDF version of their flier or to an event web site. Thumbnail images should be 100 pixels wide by 150 pixels high. These files may be sent to

Large Format Posters

The Events Office maintains a number of permanent frames for the display of posters (24 x 36 inches). Departments and organizations may drop off posters to the Events Office (Room 2034) in the "To Display" bin. Typically one poster can be displayed per event, but sometimes we can accommodate two posters (please ask before spending the additional money). Please deliver posters for installation at least seven days prior to the event. All posters should be sized to 24x36 inches and printed on white matte bond paper, not mounted on foam or laminated. Please contact the Events Office at with any questions. When paying with a Duke student ID or a corporate card, the poster price is around $30 at FedEx Kinko's. After an event ends, posters will be removed from the frames and placed in the "Pick Up" bin in the Events Office for the staff member or student to pick up.

Directional Signs

The Events Office will maintain directional signs that will be available to help guide visitors to events throughout the Law School. Requests for displays at specific locations throughout the building should be coordinated through the Events Office.

Email Lists (Student Organizations)

Invitations/notifications for student organization events may be sent to your group’s listserv. Most student organizations have a list, which is moderated by a student moderator. Instructions for list moderators are available at: Mass emails to all students, faculty, or staff should not be sent. The Duke Law Daily and audience-specific portal pages are designed to notify the Duke Law community of all events and announcements, and to avoid excessive mass emails. For questions regarding listservs, contact the Student Affairs Office.


This option allows student and other groups to set up informational tables in high-traffic areas to let people know about events, sell tickets, etc. Groups may table on the 3rd Floor Loggia outside the library near the water fountain ONLY. Space and tables are limited, please plan ahead and make requests at least one week in advance. Tables may be requested by contacting the Building Manager Assistant.

Media Coverage

If you are interested in media coverage for your event, contact the Office of Communications at


The Law School sends out a monthly e-newsletter to all alumni publicizing Law School events. If you wish to let alumni know about your event through e-news, please provide information regarding your event to the Office of Communications at As this is only a monthly publication, please make sure to send your information far in advance in order to make sure it is published in the month prior to your event.