Faculty Lives in Public Service lunch features Neil Vidmar

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VidmarThe Faculty Lives in Public Service series kicks off on Monday, Nov. 24, with a talk by Professor Neil Vidmar. Professor Vidmar is the Russell M. Robinson Professor of Law and he also holds an appointment in the Department of Psychology at Duke. Professor Vidmar will speak about how his dual interests in law and psychology have led him to his current career and research interests in the functioning of jury systems. Lunch will be provided.

Professor Vidmar is co-author with Valerie Hans of Judging the Jury (1986), author of Medical Malpractice and the American Jury (1995) and editor/author of World Jury Systems (2000). With his co-investigator, Professor Shari Diamond of the American Bar Foundation and Northwestern Law School, he is currently engaged in a study of civil juries in Arizona that is being carried out in conjunction with the Pima County, Arizona Superior Court and supported by the National Science Foundation and the State Justice Institute. That project has videotaped the actual deliberations of 50 civil juries and is providing unprecedented insights into how juries perform their duties.

The talk will take place at 12:15 p.m. in Room 3043 and is sponsored by the Office and Board of Public Interest and Pro Bono. For more information, contact the Student Director of the Series, Kelsey Weir at