PUBLISHED:March 31, 2011

Five Questions

Professor Sam Buell's research and teaching focus on criminal law and on the regulatory state, particularly regulation of corporations and financial markets. Read his profile.

1. Hometown, college, law school: Middletown, RI; Brown University; New York University School of Law

2. During my free time, I love to: Watch movies, read novels, golf, listen to Red Sox baseball on the radio.

3. Pick one: top three favorite musicians/bands; favorite non-law read; one TV show I never miss: Favorite musicians/bands: Arcade Fire, Coldplay, David Gray; Favorite non-law read: books by Jonathan Franzen and Ian McEwan; TV show I never miss: Curb Your Enthusiasm.

4. Favorite law school memory: My mom being so happy when I won a bunch of awards at graduation (and late nights in the East Village).

5. Favorite Durham restaurant or activity: Taking my kids to Chubby's (and Cameron Indoor, but that goes without saying).