PUBLISHED:December 13, 2010

Five Questions

Professor Marin Levy's teaching interests are bioethics, health care law and policy, civil procedure, judicial behavior, and the administrative practices of courts. Read her faculty profile.

1. Hometown, college, law school: My hometown is Newton, Massachusetts (just outside of Boston). I went to Yale for both college and law school (with a year in England in between).

2. During my free time, I love to: ... go hiking. My favorite place is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and we try to go every summer to spend some time on the beautiful trails out there!

3. Pick one: top three favorite musicians/bands; favorite non-law
read; one TV show I never miss:
I am a huge fan of Mad Men these days. Also, despite the fact that I am a hopeless cook, I never miss Top Chef.

4. Favorite law school memory: I would have to say meeting my husband (Joseph Blocher) is my favorite law school memory. We met while doing research for the same professor. This just goes to show, you never know who you will meet in law school!

5. Favorite Durham restaurant or activity: I would say having high tea at the Washington Duke (or really, having tea anywhere!).