Five Questions

November 1, 2010Duke Law News

Professor Lisa Kern Griffin teaches in the areas of evidence and criminal law and procedure, and scholarship focuses on federal criminal justice policy and evidentiary procedure. Read her faculty profile.

1. Hometown, college, law school: I grew up in Los Angeles, went to college and graduate school in English at Georgetown, and then to Stanford for law school.

2. During my free time, I love to: I have three young children, and they all enjoy being outdoors. I spectate their sporting events, and as a family, we love to ski, hike, and spend time at the beach. During those rare moments when I am not only "free" but also "alone," I read a lot of contemporary fiction, do some creative writing, and run.

3. Pick one: top three favorite musicians/bands; favorite non-law read; one TV show I never miss: Most of my students already know that I think "The Wire" is the most entertaining television series ever, and the most realistic portrayal of law enforcement as well.

4. Favorite law school memory: I had many great experiences in law school, but my best memories are of the time spent with friends there.

5. Favorite Durham restaurant or activity: I am a big fan of Guglhupf.
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