Five Questions

December 8, 2008Duke Law News

1. How do you begin each day?
I begin each day by be thankful I woke up and then I feed my cat so she will stop growling at me. There have been mornings I would be running late and would get ready for work before feeding her and she would literally chase me around the bedroom and try to bite my toes until I headed down stairs. I then wake up my daughter and we get the day started.

2. What is your title and what does your job entail?
Director of Events. I assist with the planning and logistics of Law School events.

3. When you are away from the Law School, how do you spend your time?
I spend most of my time with my 13 year old daughter and my husband, when he is not working. I love working in our yard and taking my daughter to the stables where she rides and trains for jumping competitions. I enjoy reading in my alone time and cooking with my chef husband. I enjoy hosting friends to dinner at our home, too.

4. What are the television shows you can't miss?
  • Bones
  • Private Practice
  • Fringe
  • Sarah Connor Chronicles
  • Life

  • 5. Finish the following: If the statement "You are what you eat" was true, I'd be...
    a buffet.
Other News
  • Welcoming new scholars, teachers

    Dean David F. Levi announced three new faculty hires shortly before this issue of Duke Law Magazine went to press. Michael D. Frakes, a law and economics scholar and legal empiricist who focuses on health law and patent law, joins the governing faculty in July as a professor of law. Ofer Eldar, an emerging empirical scholar of corporate law and corporate governance, financial regulation, and law and economics, will also join the governing faculty as a professor of law.

  • Stuart Feiner ’74

    Even though he stayed with a single employer for 30 years, Stuart Feiner has enjoyed a career of remarkable diversity.