PUBLISHED:October 21, 2011

International Law and Global Public Goods Scholarship Roundtable

Saturday, October 22, 2011
All Day • Room 4044
Invitation only.

This roundtable will consider the role that international law can play in ensuring the production and protection of global public goods, and which form of international law—treaties (with broad or narrow memberships), custom, or soft law—is best suited for this task. A variety of methodologies and interdisciplinary perspectives will be represented.

Sarah Bermeo, Duke Public Policy
Daniel Bodansky, Arizona State Law
Anu Bradford, Chicago Law
Curt Bradley, Duke Law
Rachel Brewster, Harvard Law, Visiting Duke Law, Fall 2011
Chris Brummer, Georgetown Law
Tim Buthe, Duke Political Science
David Gartner, Arizona State Law
Varun Gauri, Sr. Economist, World Bank
Andrew Guzman, Berkeley Law
Larry Helfer, Duke Law
Tana Johnson, Duke Public Policy
Suzanne Katzenstein, Duke Law
Judith Kelley, Duke Public Policy
Julie Maupin, Duke Law
Tim Meyer, Georgia Law
Jide Nzelibe, Northwestern Law
Andrew Rens Duke Law, SJD
Jana Von Stein, Michigan Political Science
Jonathan Wiener, Duke Law