International Studies Mentoring Program

July 12, 2012Duke Law News

A record number of international alumni traveled to the Law School this year to meet with students and offer career advice, networking help, and valuable perspective. Their incredible support has been the backbone of the international LLM program, providing students with unparalleled mentorship, friendship and advice.

In September, John Curry (LLM ’05) and Chun Hu met with approximately 45 students to discuss opportunities and challenges for foreign LLMs in the U.S. legal market. In October, Lin Chua (LLM ’00) met with approximately 25 students to discuss her work after Duke and offered networking and mentoring advice to current students.

In January, Arturo H. Benagas Masia (LLM ’00) and Julian R. Vasquez (LLM ’05), spoke with approximately 30 LLM and JD students about their work as in-house attorneys at major corporations and the career paths that led them to these positions, and also participated in the Duke Law LLM Mock Interview Program, where they individually met with students to help them improve their interview skills. Glaucia Petcov (LLM ’12), who met Arturo and Julian at the Pepper Hamilton LLM Reception in October, invited them to come to Durham and introduced them to a group of LLM and JD students.

Finally, in March, Anuja Purohit (JD ’92) and Vandana Shah (LLM ’96) spoke to a group of 32 students from Duke and other law schools about careers in international public interest as part of Duke Law’s annual Public Interest Career Symposium.

If you would like to join these committed alumni and speak at the law school about your own career path and experience, please contact Oleg Kobelev at

Other News
  • Lisa Kern Griffin

    Professor Lisa Kern Griffin drafted an amicus brief in support of a petition for writ of certiorari filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado, a case involving the permissibility of evidence of racial bias in jury deliberations. The Court granted certiorari on April 4, and the case will be argued in the Court’s next term.

  • Gretchen Bellamy JD/LLM ’05

    Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., operates more than 11,500 stores in 28 countries. An estimated 37 million people shop at them daily — more than the total population of Canada — and the company says that over 50 percent of Americans shop at them each week. With customers coming from every sector of society and every part of the world, the ability to serve a diverse market is critical to the bottom line.