Michael Herrera JD/LLMLE ’16

June 16, 2014Duke Law News

Michael Herrera JD/LLMLE ’16

What is your background?

Son of Cuban immigrants, I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I attended the Johns Hopkins University where I earned a Bachelors in Political Science and was a member of Alpha Delta Phi. I was also in the Simultaneous Membership Program in the Army National Guard. I am now a Cavalry Platoon Leader for the 1-158th Cav in Easton, MD in charge of 16 highly trained reconnaissance scouts. 

Why did you decide to pursue an LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship?

I come from a family of businessmen/woman and entrepreneurs. My father is a Partner at the prestigious nationwide accounting firm Marcum, LLP and my mother is Manager at a regional accounting firm Garcia, Espinosa, Miyares in Miami, FL. My uncle and cousin are both successful opening and selling multiple business in the auto parts industry; they currently own and operate T M Tires Inc based out of Miami FL. With this emersion into the business culture, coupled with my leadership skills honed by the National Guard, entering into the Corporate Law world was a logical step in the pursuance of my legal education. 

What has been your favorite thing about Duke's Law and Entrepreneurship LLM so far?

The dedicated staff and upper-level courses. The dual degree staff goes out of their way to inform us of possible opportunities and networking events, as well hosting lectures in the field of corporate law. In addition the ability to take upper-level courses as a 1L provides me with an early start on learning about my future career.

What is one thing that has surprised you since you've been at Duke?

The community and experiences of professors and classmates. Given the higher average age of Law Students, Duke has a wealth of shared experiences from classmates who have owned companies to those who have worked on large scale audits of Fortune 500 companies. In addition the knowledge, experience, and approachability of professors makes Duke the ideal place to learn outside the classroom.

Tell us about a class outside the law school or an extracurricular activity you are involved in.

I am a CrossFit athlete and compete when I am able to. I have been involved in the CrossFit community for about 5 years and absolutely love the grassroots approach to athletic competition. The entrepreneurial framework for the "boxes" is unconventional and highly successful. The competitive nature, the community, and the business model provides a great release for me on a daily basis.