PUBLISHED:January 27, 2012

Neil Siegel: Recent and forthcoming scholarship pertaining to the ACA

“Early-Bird Special” Indeed!: Why the Tax Anti-Injunction Act Permits the Present Challenges to the Minimum Coverage Provision, 121 Yale Law Journal Online (2012) (with Michael C. Dorf)

Not the Power to Destroy: A Theory of the Tax Power for a Court that Limits the Commerce Power (in progress) (with Robert D. Cooter)

Free Riding on Benevolence: Collective Action Federalism and the Minimum Coverage Provision, 75 Law & Contemporary Problems (forthcoming 2012)

Four Constitutional Limits That the Minimum Coverage Provision Respects, 27 Constitutional Commentary 591-619 (2011)

The Liberty of Free Riders: The Minimum Coverage Provision, Mill’s “Harm” Principle, and American Social Morality, 38 American Journal of Law & Medicine (forthcoming 2012) (with Jedediah Purdy)

Collective Action Federalism: A General Theory of Article I, Section 8, 63 Stanford Law Review 115 (2010) (with Robert D. Cooter)