PUBLISHED:October 28, 2013

Newly published "Intellectual Property and Human Rights" edited by Helfer

Helfer book cover Intellectual Property and Human Rights

"Intellectual Property and Human Rights," edited by Professor Laurence R. Helfer, co-director of the Center for International and Comparative Law, has just been released by Edward Elgar Publishing.  The book, which includes an original introduction by Professor Helfer, will be of use to lawyers, judges, legal scholars and researchers interested in the areas of intellectual property and human rights and their intersection.

From the introduction: There is a growing body of scholarship analysing the many international organizations, government agencies and civil society groups whose activities define the relationship between human rights and intellectual property. This timely and engaging volume illustrates the richness and diversity of this literature. It explores the wider historical and institutional context of these topics; the meaning of key international instruments; writings that clarify ambiguous legal norms; works that advocate the recognition of new legal norms; institutional and strategic issues and critical or cautionary perspectives. 

The book can be purchased at discount here.