Nir Shnaiderman

October 10, 2011Duke Law News

S.J.D. Candidate ‘14

CV for Nir Shnaiderman

Dissertation Project
The International Humanitarian Law’s Catch: How Inferior Legal Treatment Of Enemy Combatants Benefits Their Ethnic, Religious Or National Innocent Group Members

Fields of Academic Interest
International Humanitarian Law
International Criminal Law
The Law Of Armed Conflicts
Criminal Law

Academic (and practical) Appointments and Fellowships
Senior Prosecutor, Israeli Central District Attorney’s Office, 2000-Present
Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University (Isr.) 2003-2010
Judge, Israeli Bar Association’s Central District Court Of Discipline, 2008-Present

LL.M., Duke University School of Law, 2011
LL.M., Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 2000 (Isr.)
LL.B. (JD Equivalent), Bar-Ilan University School of Law, 1999 (Isr.) , 1999 (Isr.)