PUBLISHED:December 01, 2010

Q&A with Duke's first Ugandan LLM graduate

Four members of the international LLM Class of 2010 were the first Duke Law graduates from their respective home countries: Hasan Atamirzaev (Uzbekistan), Lucia Minde (Tanzania), Fernando Papakonyang (Uganda), and Seljan Verdiyeva (Azerbaijan). Here’s what Papakonyang had to say about his experiences at Duke.

How do you feel about being the first graduate from Uganda?

I am very honored to be the first graduate from Uganda. My hope is that more students come to Duke Law. There is already another lawyer from Uganda this year in the LLM program.

What made you decide to come to Duke Law School?

I knew Duke was a good school in academic standing, and that was one of the key considerations in my choice. I also liked the fact that the class was small compared to other law schools.

How was your experience while you were here as an LLM student?

It was a wonderful year. I met so many people from all around the world. The social experiences were really good. More importantly, I learned not only new areas of law but also new ways of appreciating the law.

What are your professional plans?

I am currently working as an intern with a financial institution and hope to eventually work in the financial services industry. I also hope to make contributions to certain areas of international development and microfinance.